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Custom Refrigerated Trailers

Looking for custom refrigerated trailers? Look no further than Cooler Trailers. With a ton of customizable options, we can create the perfect trailer for you. Unlike others, we can even incorporate unique features that others won’t.

Our mono-block 115-volt refrigeration unit is designed to freeze or cool our refrigerated pull behind trailers. That means -10 F to 32 F for our freezers and 35 F to 40 F for our coolers all the way up to 75 F for chocolates. Our stout but light weight truck body design will keep profits rolling in for the next 15-20 years. 

The orange insulated bulkhead wall provides the trailer dual temp capability, freeze up front and refrigerator in the back.

Many extras include side doors, easy-up ramps, racks, generator, etc. 

Cooler Trailers has been building small refrigerated trailers since 1997 for Fortune 500 Companies to some of the fastest growing start-ups. Call us today 877-449-8250.


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Freezer Truck Box
Freezer Truck Box
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6x8 Freezer Trailer
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7x16 Freezer Trailer

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Superior Design For Superior Results!

Our freezer boxes are designed to deliver top performance and eliminate the need for costly refrigerated trucks. We start by crafting a lightweight insulated truck body with a pallet duty aluminum floor and polyurethane foam walls, roof, and door that are NSF & U.S.D.A. compliant.

We use stainless steel doorframe, hinges, and hardware, as well as EPDM door seals and freezer curtains, to maintain a consistent temperature for your frozen goods for years.

Next, we attach our freezer box to a specially designed CAD drawn bumper pull trailer chassis, which ensures that there are no insulation issues or air gaps between the box and chassis. This two-step process guarantees that our refrigerated boxes are the most efficient and coldest in the 115-volt refrigeration market.

Finally, our 115-volt refrigeration unit is constructed with basic refrigeration parts, including hot gas defrost, which any basic mechanic in your area can maintain. Our units can be powered with any household 115-volt 15-amp electrical circuit, or with a 5500-watt generator when on the road.

Our freezer trailers are designed for professionals who need to store, haul, or deliver refrigerated and frozen products without the expense and difficulties of a refrigerated truck.

Tom McBride- Cooler Trailers

Tom McBride

I am the owner and founder of Cooler Trailers. I have been building small refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers since 1997. When I started in 1997 there was no one to look to for info or help. We were the niche. Today the landscape has changed but I am proud to be the pioneer that got this niche started. Our customers from Fortune 500 Companies to some of the fastest growing start-ups, allow us an opportunity to build refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers with superior design that get them superior results!