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Trailer Refrigeration Unit

Cooler Trailers 115-Volt Refrigerated Trailer Unit is the future of refrigerated transportation. It offers a blend of performance, convenience, and safety, making it an indispensable asset for businesses looking to elevate their transportation game.

With easy installation, consistent performance, and adaptability to diverse business needs, it truly stands out in the vast world of refrigeration solutions.

Add this to our insulated truck box with polyurethane 4 inch walls, pallet duty floor, stainless steel door frame with EPDM door seals and you have a refrigerated box that is capable of -10 Fahrenheit in the heat of summer.

The perfect small refrigerated truck slayer!

Trailer Refrigeration Unit For Sale

Our trailer refrigeration unit for sale is a 115- volt plug and play solution for small refrigerated and freezer trailers up to about 16 feet long. We designed them to complement the lightweight insulated truck bodies we install them in. The unit only draws 13.5 amps on any standard 15 amp electrical outlet and is amazing. Installed on our standard 7×12 we see them get to -10 in the Florida heat during June, July and August.

Trailer Refrigeration Cost

Call now and tell us about your project and application to see if it’s a fit for our unit. We won’t sell it to you if it won’t work for your application.

It’s important to note that the refrigeration unit is only part of the total solution. If it’s installed on on box without the proper doors, door seals and insulation than the unit won’t get to maximize temperatures possible.

The good news is that it is simple to install, no refrigeration tech needed, cut a hole, 4 bolts and you done, will work better than any window unit and give you that professional look to your business. 

Small Trailer Refrigeration Units

This refrigeration unit’s design focuses on the users needs. Its technical brilliance includes digital temperature control, ensuring airflow remains steady, regardless of external conditions.

This versatility ensures whether you’re shipping seafood or flowers, your cargo is in optimal conditions. With the ability to switch between freezing and cooling, and a broad temperature range, this unit becomes a must-have for businesses.

Specific use cases where this refrigeration unit shines include event catering, farmers markets, medical transport, and as an emergency backup during natural disasters or power outages. It’s an invaluable asset for small to medium businesses, especially during harvest or holiday seasons, when there’s a surge in demand.

trailer refrigeration unit

Trailer Refrigeration Kit: 115-Volt Freeze Or Cool Compact System

The mono-block design makes it super easy to install just cut a hole 4 bolts and you are done. This basic refrigeration system is easy to maintain and service. No need to spend an extra $100/ Hr., for a specialist to look after it, unless you want to…

Our Thermo King and Carrier customers like this unit when they are changing out the units on their existing party trailers because it saves them time and money.

This solution is for the professional that has a large investment in product riding behind them, but if you still believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause then maybe a window unit is for you!

Sizes & Specs

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Refrigerated Truck Box

6x8 4

6x8 Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer- Cooler Trailers

7x12 Refrigerated Trailer

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7x16 Refrigerated Trailer

Custom Refrigerated Trailers

Custom Refrigerated Trailer

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Important Note:

Remember that trailer refrigeration is only part of a successful outcome and although it is important it is also critical to put in on a properly insulated box especially if you want to maximize efficiency or need to keep your product frozen. We discourage folks every day from installing trailer refrigeration on cargo trailers that have been retrofitted. Why, because their main structure is made of wood and the question is not am I going to get mold or mildew but when am I going to get it.

To Get The Best Out Of Your Refrigeration Unit In A Nutshell


small refrigerated trailer 2How Does a Small Refrigerated Trailer Work?

A small refrigerated trailer, often referred to as a ‘reefer trailer’, is a specialized transportation unit designed to maintain perishable goods at specific temperatures during transit. Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

  1. Insulation: The trailer walls, floor, and roof are lined with high-quality insulation, usually made of foam or other insulating materials. This ensures minimal thermal exchange between the interior and exterior environments.
  2. Refrigeration Unit: At the front of the trailer, you’ll find the refrigeration unit. This is the heart of the system. It’s powered by a combination of diesel fuel and electricity.
  3. Thermostat Control: Within the trailer, there’s a thermostat which constantly monitors the interior temperature. When the temperature rises above the set point, it triggers the refrigeration unit to start cooling.
  4. Cooling Process: The refrigeration unit works on the principles of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle. In simple terms, a refrigerant gas is compressed, causing it to release heat and become a high-pressure liquid. This liquid then flows through a series of coils inside the trailer, where it evaporates and absorbs heat from the trailer’s interior, thereby cooling the space. The gas is then compressed again, and the cycle continues.
  5. Air Circulation: To ensure uniform temperature throughout the trailer, fans are used to circulate the cold air. This prevents ‘hot spots’ which could jeopardize the quality of the stored goods.
  6. Sealed Environment: The doors of the trailer form a tight seal when closed. This helps in maintaining the desired temperature and prevents the infiltration of outside air.
  7. Power Source: While some trailers are equipped to run off their own batteries or the truck’s electrical system, others might have a standalone generator for the refrigeration unit.

In essence, a small refrigerated trailer is an integrated system of insulation, refrigeration, and circulation, all working in tandem to ensure perishable goods are kept at optimal temperatures during transportation.

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