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Cooler Trailers create quality top-of-the-line refrigerated and freezer trailers that are built in two parts for maximum performance and durability. Our freezer box construction starts with a pallet duty floor that can withstand the toughest jobs. The walls are food grade NSF & USDA approved, providing the highest level of safety and compliance. We use a 304 stainless steel door frame with EPDM door seals to keep the cold air in and ensure the doors will keep swinging for decades. Our CAD drawn spec trailer chassis is designed specifically for our refrigerated boxes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. We pride ourselves on the finishing touches, including aluminum floor and freezer curtains for that professional touch, and our Dexter torsion axles provide the best ride in the industry. Our 115 volt refrigeration unit can go as low as -10 Fahrenheit, making it perfect for even the hottest summer days. Since 1997, we have been trusted by the fastest growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, contact us at 877-449-8250 or visit us in Ormond Beach, Florida.

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Superior Design For Superior Results!

Our freezer boxes are designed to deliver top performance and eliminate the need for costly refrigerated trucks. We start by crafting a lightweight insulated truck body with a pallet duty aluminum floor and polyurethane foam walls, roof, and doors that are NSF & U.S.D.A. compliant.

We use stainless steel doorframe, hinges, and hardware, as well as EPDM door seals and freezer curtains, to maintain a consistent temperature for your frozen goods for years.

Next, we attach our freezer box to a specially designed CAD drawn bumper pull trailer chassis, which ensures that there are no insulation issues or air gaps between the box and chassis. This two-step process guarantees that our refrigerated boxes are the most efficient and coldest in the 115-volt refrigeration market.

Finally, our 115-volt refrigeration unit is constructed with basic refrigeration parts, including hot gas defrost, which any basic mechanic in your area can maintain. Our units can be powered with any household 115-volt 15-amp electrical circuit, or with a 5500-watt generator when on the road.

Our freezer trailers are designed for professionals who need to store, haul, or deliver refrigerated and frozen products without the expense and difficulties of a refrigerated truck.

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Cooler Trailers are built by design to give you the strength and durability your business deserves. Superior design for superior results year after year!

We have been building small refrigerated and freezer trailers since 1997 and we know what works and what does not.

You need the strongest 115-volt refrigeration unit in its class that can provide the cooling power and you need a world class insulated truck body to keep that cold air inside while transporting your goods down the road.

It’s that simple but so many folks miss the simplicity and complicate their journey by trying to make another product do what it just was not designed for.

There is a reason why we build for Fortune 500 Companies and some of the fastest growing start-ups. 

Watch our 10 minute FREE Demo Video and Discover how we build the best and coldest 115-volt small refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers in the industry!

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refrigerated truck alternative by Cooler Trailers

Refrigerated Truck Alternative

A small freezer trailer is a great alternative to a refrigerated truck for a few reasons. First, it's much more affordable to purchase and operate, making it an ideal option for small businesses or individuals who don't have a large budget. Second, it's much easier to maneuver and park in tight spaces, making it ideal for urban environments or delivery to smaller locations. Third, it offers a lot of flexibility as it can be attached to any vehicle with a tow hitch, allowing you to use different vehicles for different jobs. Overall, small freezer trailers are a practical and cost-effective solution for transporting perishable goods.

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Used Small Freezer Trailers For Sale

Are you looking for a good used small freezer trailer for sale? From time to time we have a customer upgrade to something newer or looking to find a new owner. Either way you win! Check out our inventory here.


 Small freezer trailers are generally 8′-16′ with mobile refrigeration unit designed to transport and store perishable goods at low temperatures.

Using a freezer trailer allows you to transport and store perishable goods such as food and medical supplies without compromising their quality. It also offers flexibility and convenience as you can take your products anywhere without worrying about storage.

Consider factors such as the size of your business, the volume of goods you need to transport, and your budget when choosing a freezer trailer. Call us at 877-449-8250 and we can advise you on the best option for your specific requirements.

Our small freezer trailers are designed for versatility, capable of maintaining temperatures from -10°F to 75°F, ensuring your products stay frozen or chilled as needed.

Our trailers are efficient and convenient, requiring only a standard 115-volt 15 amp power source. This makes it easy to find power for them at most locations.

We offer trailers in various sizes to suit different needs 6×8, 7×12, and 7×16. Our most popular model has dimensions of 7×12 feet and a cargo capacity of up to 8000 lbs.

Absolutely! Our trailers are perfect for emergencies like power outages or natural disasters, providing reliable backup cold storage.

Yes, our trailers feature FRP Walls with aluminum floor base and kickplate for easy cleaning, and their simple design makes maintenance a breeze.

Our trailers boast superior build quality with four-inch insulated walls, a robust frame, and advanced electric 115-volt refrigeration units, ensuring durability and reliability.

Certainly! We offer flexible rental options for those who need a refrigerated trailer for short-term use.

We prioritize eco-friendliness in our designs. Our trailers are energy-efficient, reducing carbon footprint while keeping your goods chilled.

Yes, we can customize trailers to meet specific requirements, whether it’s size, temperature range, or additional features.

We provide a comprehensive warranty and dedicated customer support to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Tom McBride

I am the owner and founder of Cooler Trailers. I have been building small refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers since 1997. When I started in 1997 there was no one to look to for info or help. We were the niche. Today the landscape has changed but I am proud to be the pioneer that got this niche started. Our customers from Fortune 500 Companies to some of the fastest growing start-ups, allow us an opportunity to build refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers with superior design that get them superior results!